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Book Review for Confederates Courageous

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Recently, the book was praised in an internet interview. Mr. Ethan Rutherford is a prize winning writer and teacher of creative writing living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Rutherford is currently teaching at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has written a fictional short story about the crew of the Hunley, "The Peripatetic Coffin". He was being interviewed about this story  by a reporter from Express Milwaukee.com.  He asked Mr. Rutherford the question " How much research goes into a story of this magnitude? " His response:

Not as much research as it appears, I’m afraid. I read one book—Confederates Courageous by Gerald Teaster. Apparently it’s a book for children, but it was wonderfully done.There were pictures, and diagrams, and dimensions, a glimpse of the bigger picture: everything and all you need to rev up the imagination, but not enough to bog you down.

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