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News of Most Recent Developments in Recovering the Hunley

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This part of the Support Page is used to inform you and your students about new things that are related to raising, preserving and displaying the submarine. This will be updated periodically. This information is based on media accounts of the submarine, particularly from the  Charleston Post and Courier Newspaper and Press Releases from The Friends of the Hunley.

September,  2005 - In a surprise move, Clemson University, the city of North Charleston and the South Carolina Hunley Commission announced a new plan and organization for the Hunley. Under this arrangement, Clemson will take charge of the Warren Lasch Conservation Center and its 90 employees. In turn, the city is giving 80 acres of the former Charleston Naval Base to Clemson on which to locate and develop an ultra modern  metallurgy and textile restoration center. Clemson will assume financial responsibility for restoring and preserving the submarine. In addition, Clemson is going to construct additional buildings and facilities for new technologies. The end result of this new plan could possibly result in employing almost 5,000 people and have a 500 million dollar annual economic impact on the the North Charleston area.

August, 2006 - As in almost everything else about the Hunley, the Clemson  plan has been met with great controversy and as of August 2006, the outcome is still uncertain.

The Hunley is at the Lasch Conservation Center in the former Charleston Naval Base. The Center is open for tours from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays. Tickets cost $10 and are available at 1-877-4HUNLEY or on the Internet at (http://www.etix.com).

The submarine Hunley has been surrounded by controversy since it was built. This controversy continues to this day. For a full discussion about the previous controveries click on this link "Controversy and the Submarine H.L. Hunley."

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