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The Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley 


The Hunley is Recovered. Read Eyewitness Account.

Remains of last crewman removed.

Dixon's gold coin and mysterious diamond jewelry is recovered.
 Gold coin now on public display.

The removal of the contents of the submarine is now complete. The remains of all the crewmen have been recovered but only eight men were found. The story of a keep sake gold coin carried by Lt. Dixon proves to be true. The permanent home of the Hunley is to be in North Charleston, SC.


Hunley Crew Laid to Rest

Thousands of spectators and Civil War re-enactors were present on Saturday, April 17, 2004, for the funeral of the eight recovered Hunley crewmen. The ceremonies took place in Charleston, SC. The men were buried in Magnolia Cemetery where they joined the members of two other Hunley crews who died in accidents in the little submarine.This will be the last Confederate funeral. This was the largest gathering of Civil War re-enactors ever seen in South Carolina. 

Read About the Hunley Project
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Books Available on the Hunley from Junior History Press

The new book Confederates Courageous - The Story of the Confederate Submarine H. L. Hunley by Gerald F. Teaster, tells the full story of the submarine. This fully illustrated book is written for both young readers and adults. It explains why the little boat was built and how it came to be used in Charleston.  The finding and recovery of the Hunley are discussed in detail along with the discoveries that have been made about the vessel and its crew.  Price of book is $9.95 plus shipping. Book may be bought with credit card or via PayPal by clicking on "Buy Now" button below cover image. To order with check or money order please go to Order Form.

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The book shown below, The Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley, by Gerald F. Teaster,  is now out of print and no longer available.  This book was published in 1989, long before the submarine was found and recovered. The book went through seven printings but was incomplete in that it did not tell the final story of the Hunley. The book is being replaced by the new book Confederates Courageous - The Story of the Confederate Submarine H. L. Hunley.

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Thematic Unit Study Guides for use in schools tells story of the
 Hunley or the David.
Students learn the full story of how the little boat was built, how it was operated and what happened to it. Junior History Press offers  Study Guides for a Thematic Unit using either the Hunley or the David theme. The Hunley Guide uses the book "Confederates Courageous- The Story of the Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley". The David "The Confederate Steam Torpedo Boat CSS DAVID". The Guides incorporate topics in History, Science, Mathematics, Geography and Social Studies as they relate to the Hunley or David. The Guides also support and reinforce many of the Educational Standards that have been put in place by the South Carolina Department of Education in Language Arts, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.

NOTE: There are two separate Guides, one for the Hunley and another for the David.
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This page provides help and assistance for teachers, parents, students and others that are using the Junior History Press Thematic Unit Study Guide relating to the Hunley and to Charleston and the Civil War. Choose this page by clicking button to find updated, active links for internet sites referenced in the Study Guide.

The story of the full size replica of the Hunley at the Charleston museum and how it was built.

A full size replica of the Hunley is on display at the Charleston museum. This replica was designed and built by instructors and students at the BCD Technical Education Center (now Trident Technical College.) The differences between the real submarine and the replica is told in Confederates Courageous. Click button for story.

Charleston's Civil War sites related to the Hunley.

Charleston has numerous Civil War attractions. Some of those with ties to the Hunley are shown here.Click button for details.

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