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Use of Unit in Homeschooling
    The  Thematic Unit Study Guide has proven to be very useful and informative when used in homeschooling students.  The Student Activities have been helpful in the student's understanding of the submarine's small size and how it was operated.

    The Unit was used recently by the children of Mrs. Kathleen J. Cockrell.  Mrs. Cockrell wrote to Junior History Press to thank us for preparing the Unit and tell us how her children had used the Student Activities. Mrs. Cockrell believes the Unit is well suited for homeschooling use.  She recommends the Unit and has volunteered to discuss the Unit with interested homeschooling parents.
She can be reached at:

Kathleen J. Cockrell
113 Waterford Drive
Ninety Six, SC 29666

More Information can be obtained from:

gteaster@juniorhistory.com or by writing to:

Junior History Press

PO Box 157

Summerville, SC 29484-0157, USA

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