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Frequently Asked Questions about Common Cents Program

What is the Common Cents Program?

The Common Cents program is implemented by setting up a classroom economy. Students receive a daily salary and are charged fines for rule infractions using paper coins that are enlarged replicas of U.S. coins. Students also earn "money" daily for bringing homework, helping keep paperwork flowing to and from parents, learning vocabulary, and any activity or behavior the teacher wishes to encourage.

How do students spend the "money" they have earned?

Class auctions are held at regular intervals to have students cash in their income. In many cases the teacher sets up a store to sell desired items to the students.

What are some of the classroom management benefits to using the Common Cents Program?

The system includes provisions for encouraging the reluctant participant, reducing misbehavior, promoting team effort and, most importantly, removing the teacher from being the police, judge, jury, and warden of the class and allowing her to step back and help the child see the immediate effects of his choices.

This program motivates students to want to learn and be successful in school. It is also very motivating to the teacher in helping her reinforce the positive behaviors immediately as they occur and drastically reduce the attention and control that students who misbehave require.

The program has proven to be especially useful to the beginning  or first year teacher that needs a practical classroom management system.

What are some of the additional academic benefits to using Common Cents?

As an added bonus, the students learn to count and use money with surprising accuracy. They practice daily. They will ask you to help them learn to do it. They will help each other and beg you to give them opportunities to count their growing fortunes.

What age groups can benefit from using Common Cents?

This program has been successfully used for over twenty years in a variety of classroom situations.  These include  full day kindergartens, compensatory first grades, regular first  grades, regular elementary grades second through sixth and in middle schools. It can be used with any number of students and is widely accepted by various ability levels.

What do parents feel about their children using the Common Cents program?

Parents of students using the program have been surveyed  and found to be  very pleased with children's reactions to the system. Parents have instituted a similar systems at home. Parents mentioned that their children spoke of the system often.

What will I get when I order the Common Cents Program?

The contents of the program are shown on the website page:

How can I order the Common Cents program?

See the website page (http://juniorhistorypress.com/orderfor.html) 

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