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The Confederate Steam Torpedo Boat CSS David

  Book tells the Story of the Confederate Steam Torpedo Boat
CSS David
In October, 1863, the steam torpedo boat David attacked the Federal Ironclad USS New Ironsides outside Charleston, South Carolina during the Civil War. This small boat, sometimes known as "The Little David", helped change naval warfare forever. Junior History Press now offers a book that tells the story of this amazing little ship. The book is "The Confederate Steam Torpedo Boat CSS DAVID" by Gerald F. Teaster. The book is illustrated by Rick Rowland. The price of the book is $9.95 plus shipping. Books may be bought with credit cards via PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" below. To order with check or money order please go to Order Form.

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The story of the full size replica of the David at the Berkeley County Museum and how it was built.

A full size replica of the David  is on display at the Old Santee Canal Park in Moncks Corner, SC. Like the Hunley replica, the David replica was also designed and built by instructors and students at the BCD Technical Education Center (now Trident Technical College.)  Click button for story.

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